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Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Games Will Take Us Camping in VR

Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu and Fumoto Campsite

If virtual reality, slice-of-life camping isn’t already a thing, it will be starting in March 2021 when the first of Gemdrops‘ two Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- games release. The second game will debut sometime in April 2021. Both VR games will be available for the PS4, Switch, PC, and smartphones.

Check out the second trailer for the “Yurukyan” VR games by Gemdrops below:

The Laid-Back Camp games will be all about giving players a taste of the great outdoors in VR. Gemdrops described the games as “virtual camping adventureS,” but you don’t need VR headsets to play. The main characters Rin Shima and Nadeshiko Kagamihara were both featured in the new trailer.

In Lake Motosu, you will play as Nadeshiko and go on a camping trip with Rin. Meanwhile, in Fumoto Campsite, Rin will take the lead, so you’ll see things from her perspective while going on an adventure with Nadeshiko. Both games take place in camping sites near Mount Fuji. As for the gameplay, it will mostly involve watching fully-voiced situational events and discoveries that could come up during camping trips. According to the developers, both games have about the same amount of event scenes as an anime episode.

Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu will launch for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, Apple iOS, and Android devices in March 2021. Fumoto Campsite will launch on the same platforms in April 2021. There’s also one other trailer to check out.

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