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Land of No Night Details How You’ll Fight, Summon, And Transform



We recently got a look at Land of No Night’s trailer that showed us some of the drama and action we’ll see in Gust’s upcoming title. Now we have more details on the gameplay, and how you’ll play as Arnath, summon beasts, and transform.


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In Land of No Night, you’ll play as Arnath and protect Rulitis from the “Jayou” or Wicked Spirits. There are several ways that you’ll be doing this.



The first, is by summoning demon subordinates known as “Servans”. These demons cost SP to summon, but you’ll also get to summon multiple at a time. Depending on which Servans you have out, there will be different strategies.



Next, you can give orders to your Servans and have them use special skills. For example, you can order them to “fight together!” and give other specific commands. By giving good orders, you’ll be able to set up all-out attacks or use Servans as decoys. Again, each Servan has their own special skills that can be activated by the player.



Arnath can also attack using her own light, heavy, and special attacks using her weapon. Consecutive attacks are called “Chains,” and the higher the Chain is the more it’ll build up the “Transformation Gauge”.



Once the Transformation Gauge fills up, you’ll get to activate Arnath’s “Transformation”. This ability uses the power from the Servans in order to transform.



Arnath can also switch through her weapons. Each weapon has their own different characteristics.



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The above is a look at Artnath’s “Blood Awakening” or Transformation. It becomes possible to activate once her Transformation Gauge fills up, and once she does, her attacking power increases tremendously. Her form will change depending on the formation of the Servans.



Arnath’s transformations come in different forms, and they all have their own looks and abilities. While transformed, her range, power, speed increases, and she’ll be able to do actions that she normally can’t do otherwise.



Additionally, while transformed, Arnath’s Servans will also have increases parameters. You’ll know when they have buffs with the aura around them.



By using her blood to create weapons, Arnath can bust out weapons of different types. You’ll get to use different weapons according to the various situations you find yourself in.


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Her sword is the first weapon she’ll have access to. It’s well-balanced in attack speed and range, and can be used in various situations. The rifle can shoot enemies from a distance. They can be used to increase the attack of Servans, or even to recover HP with shots.


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The War Hammer is a huge weapon with high power, but it’s pretty slow. It can also knock enemies back. Arnath will have access to these three weapons, and will unlock several more as she levels up.


Land of No Night is slated for release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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