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Land of No Night Details Some Of Its Post-Game Extra Scenario



While Land of No Night is getting a bit of a delay until October 1st, Koei Tecmo announced that fans will have a bit more to look forward to in the game, with its extra scenario that will be available after beating the game.


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In Land of No Night’s post-game “Extra Scenario,” Arnath and her Servans will get to take on even more powerful Jayou that are stronger than the ones faced in the main story.



Monsters aren’t the only things that will be difficult to handle in the Extra Scenario.


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Since they’ll face tougher challengers, Arnath and her Servans will get to surpass their limits to become stronger than before. This means that they’ll also get new skills.



Land of No Night will release in Japan on October 1st for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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