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Land of No Night Shows Off Its Summoning And Battle Action



Gust’s upcoming action RPG, Land of No Night will tell the tale of two girls and their untold love, and its action is all about flashy moves, transformations, and summoning beasts. The latest trailer gives us a little taste of its battle system.



In Land of No Night, you’ll play as Arnath, who is in charge of protecting her old friend Rulitis from the “Jayou,” also known as Wicked Spirits. While Arnath has the ability to transform and kick some butt as seen in our earlier report, this video mainly gives us a glimpse on her regular action and her summoned demon subordinates known as “Servans”.


These Servans will take orders, and can perform special skills, specific commands, and can even do all-out attacks if you can manage to give them the right orders. These guys will also power-up whenever Arnath transforms.


As far as Arnath’s own attacks go, she uses light, heavy, and special attacks with her weapon. Consecutive attacks are called “Chains,” and the higher you can manage to rack up the Chain, the more it’ll help build up the “Transformation Gauge”.


If you’re wondering what kinds of weapon you’ll get to use, Arnath has access to different kinds, by creating them with her own blood. You’ll get to switch weapons around and use what’s best in your given situation.


Land of No Night will release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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