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Land of No Night Trailer Shows More Of Its Drama And Action



Gust’s upcoming action RPG, Land of No Night, will tell the tale of two girls and the struggles of their untold love, along with action that involves monsters you summon into combat. The game’s latest trailer shows us a bit of both parts.



Rulitis is the young lady with orange hair, and she was chosen as the saint of the current generation. She bears the fate of having to seal the “Lord of Night” by giving up her life.


On the other hand, her friend Arnath serves the church as a holy knight, entrusted with the task of guiding her to the Lord of Night, knowing the fate that awaits her. She’ll face the ultimate decision of whether she’ll do as  expected of a holy knight, or protect the life of her friend, and love, Rulitis.


Land of No Night will release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. You can read more about the girls in our earlier report.

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