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Land of No Night Trailer Shows Weapons, Transformations, And Servants



Gust’s upcoming action RPG, Land of No Night, features an interesting battle system with a mix of weapon-changing, transformations, and demon subordinates. The latest trailer shows us some of the main battle features in motion.



Arnath uses her own blood to create different types of weapons that can be used in different battle situations, which vary from long blades to guns for shooting enemies from a distance.


As far as gameplay goes, the weapons will have light, heavy, and special attacks, and these attacks can be connected to create “Chains,” which helps build up Arnatha’s “Transformation Gauge”.


Once her Transformation Gauge is filled up, she’ll be able to use her “Transformation” ability, which gives her and her demon subordinates different beneficial effects. Some of them provide more power to Arnath, while others like the recently revealed “Phantom Form” are used to provide more support to the entire party.


Finally, the video shows us more on the demon subordinates, called “Servans”. These guys are there to help Arnath and come in various appearances and attributes. You can check out our earlier report for more details on how you get them in your party.


Land of No Night will release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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