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Land of No Night’s Free DLC Will Tell The Story Of How The Two Girls Met



Land of No Night has just a few more days until its release in Japan, and Koei Tecmo provides us with the latest information on the game, with details on its upcoming free DLC that will tell the story of how Arnath and Rulitis met.



With Land of No Night release in Japan on October 1st, the upcoming DLC titled “Records of Recollection” will be available two weeks afterwards on October 15th. As you advance through the story, it will unlock more on Arnath’s unknown past, and how she met Rulitis back in their school days.



Once unlocked, you’ll get to revisit the chapters of the Records of Recollection at any time through the menu.


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Arnath’s past is still a mystery even after beating the game, so this will be a good opportunity to get to better understand the protagonist. The stories will be told through the perspective of Arnath and Rulitis as well, so you’ll get to see things from both sides.


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The episodes will tell you how Rulitis began to long for Arnath, and more about how things were for the two back in their school days. It will depict plenty more on the two heroines, that weren’t told in the main game.


Land of No Night is headed to the West in early 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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