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Langrisser For 3DS Introduces Licorice, And She’s Sweeter Than Candy



We previously got a look at Jessica, a recurring character from the series, who’ll appear in Langrisser’s new title for the Nintendo 3DS. The official website updates us with a look at another new character, and her name is Licorice.


Licorice Roviner:

Class: Mage


Licorice is the protagonist’s younger sister, and it’s said that she disappeared when they were younger. She’s a nice young girl with a philanthropic mindset, and has unconditional love for just about any living being.


She places great importance in her responsibilities, and always tries to do as much as she can whenever she’s given any kind of work. She’s polite, and can be shy at times, but she never means to shut away people around her.


Back in the day, Licorice used to like planting all kinds of plants in the war-torn ruins located in the middle of town, so she seems to be a girl that cherishes all kinds of life forms, even if she does it by doing little things that others won’t notice.


In Langrisser, the game takes place in an era of turbulence, where war breaks out between the three powers of Brightness, the Imperial, and the Darkness. You can read more about the story and setting in our earlier report.


Langrisser will release for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan later this year.

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