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Langrisser Composer Is Stoked To Be Back, Hopes To Do More For The Series



Noriyuki Iwadare has worked as a composer on various video game series, such as Ace Attorney, Lunar, and many others. He’s also known for his compositions heard throughout the Langrisser series, and he’ll be back for Langrisser Re: Incarnation.



“It truly makes me happy to see a revival of past works like this,” says Iwadare. “I really wanted to do it! Which I got to do, and it was really fun, to the point where I’d like to do even more.”


“I believe that the new Langrisser game was made into something that will meet all of your expectations, so please look forward to its release in July!” Iwadare tells fans.


As previously reported, Langrisser Re: Incarnation won’t be going back with series illustrator Satoshi Urushihara, but those of you that are fans of the music can look forward to listening to some familiar tunes in the upcoming series-reviving title on 3DS.


Langrisser Re: Incarnation will release in Japan on July 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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