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Langrisser I & II Gets a Sneak Peek at Latest English Version Gameplay


NIS America recently livestreamed a sneak peek at Langrisser I & II‘s English version featuring localization editor Jon Chang.

The gameplay footage comes from the latest dev build of the game on PlayStation 4. In addition to re-tuned gameplay for a more modern feel, the games come with new art, music, and presentation. In addition to a new character, the games will get a new localization for the new release.

Here are more details from NIS America:

Langrisser I: The forces of darkness are descending on the kingdom of Baltia. Take up your sword as Prince Garett, and discover the evil that lies in the heart of the Dalsis empire.

Langrisser II: The forces of Chaos once again threaten the realm. Thrust in between warring factions, it is up to our hero Erwin to navigate this war and determine which path will bring peace to this conflict.

Both Langrisser I & II have returned with their classic stories of good and evil now remade in beautiful high-definition visuals, re-orchestrated music, and quality-of-life improvements to the gameplay and user experience that made these strategy RPGs truly Legendary.

Key Features

  • A Blade Honed to Perfection – Experience two classic titles with new art, music, and presentation.
  • Modernizing a Timeless Tale – Perfectly re-tuned gameplay for a modern SRPG feel.
  • Langrisser and Alhazard – Two legendary swords, two legendary tales–brought back to life with new localization and a new character!

Langrisser I & II is available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. The game releases for PS4, Switch, and PC in North America on March 10, 2020, and in Europe on March 13, 2020. Check out a story trailer in our previous report.

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