Langrisser Makers To Announce A New Game Soon



The last time we saw a Langrisser game, it was back on the Dreamcast and Wonderswan with Langrisser Millennium, but it looks like we might possibly get a new Langrisser title or perhaps something different, according to Masaya Games’ official website.


While most of the Langrisser titles were exclusive to Japan with a few Asian releases, the series shared some popularity during its five-part series life back in the ‘90s. The Growlanser series turned into what would be its eventual spiritual successor. The original developers of Langrisser, Career Soft, then went onto work on more Growlanser titles, and were then acquired by the publishers in Atlus, which followed by their involvement in the development of the Devil Survivor games.


Now, Masaya’s official website reads “the long-awaited home console game title to be announced in Famitsu’s February 5, 2015 volume,” so there’s a good chance that it could possibly be a new Langrisser title… or it could be a new Cho Aniki title, a wacky side-scrolling shoot ‘em up series that featured half-naked buff dudes.


Last year, video game company Extreme, which makes moe mahjong games, came to an agreement with Nippon Computer Systems for handling the lincensing for the entire Masaya catalog, so it sounds like they could be involved, too.


Top image from Langrisser Millennium.

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