Langrisser Mobile Developers Talk About Why They Chose The Series

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Last week’s Famitsu revealed English screenshots for the upcoming Langrisser mobile game. It also had an interview with the game’s lead developer, Lu Yun from Zlongame.


Here are the highlights from the Langrisser mobile game interview:

  • To Lu Yun and people of his generation, SRPGs are different from regular RPGs. They don’t just operate on basic round-based combat, but also include the concept of “space” as well, as it takes place on a battlefield. As kids, they fell in love with how varied strategies could be, and Langrisser was the most popular SRPG at the time, to the point where he feels that it surpassed other games of the era. This is why they chose Langrisser, without hesitation.


  • The reason why this game was put into production is because, in recent years, deep strategic games where you need to put thought into your every move have all but disappeared from the mobile space. As a game developer, Lu Yun felt a need to let the current generation of gamers know about these types of games and make them feel the same way he did when first playing the Langrisser games.


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  • Zlongame really focused on bringing out the strategic elements of SRPGs for this game, such as how unit types impact each other, terrain effects, various win conditions, hidden treasure chests, and more. Even seemingly hard stages can be beaten, if the player’s team is adjusted a little. Furthermore, the developer paid a lot of attention on the Class Change system and the freedom it provides. The Class Change system might be a bit hard for newcomers to understand quickly, but Lu Yun thinks that it’s a necessary sacrifice, in order to help people understand the appeal of SRPGs.


  • The stories of Langrisser and Langrisser II will be the focus in the first part of Langrisser Mobile, but they plan on adding the stories up until Langrisser V into the game as well. They are also working on PvP and large-scale strategy maps, in order to keep the game appealing for existing players.


Langrisser Mobile is headed to Apple iOS devices, Android devices, and the PC in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Japan on August 2, 2018.

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