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Langrisser Re: Incarnation Introduces A Talented Maid And A Knight



Masaya Games previously shared a look at Langrisser Re: Incarnation’s mage character, Licorice Roviner, and she’s sweeter than candy. In the latest update provided by 4Gamer, we’re introduced to a talented maid character and a trustee knight.


Detailed below are two trusted companions who will assist the main character, but it still remains unknown whether they’ll be playable characters.




Maya is a made of the Rovina family, and she takes complete care of the protagonist Ales. Her demeanor that fits perfectly as one that serves a lord. her knowledge, and everything she knows about the world, is quite profound, and she uses it all to her fullest to educate Ales.


She practically knows everything there is to know about magic and the military, but it remains unknown as to how she gained such knowledge. Her past is full of many mysteries.




Ansel is the son of a former  Brightness territory carpenter, who shares some sort of close relationship with the Imperial Army. He previously lived an easy life, but once the war started, he joined up with a group of vigilantes.


While he can memorize strategies by heart, he never understands the meanings behind them. He can be a bit slipshod around women, but hates all forms of wrongdoing.


Langrisser Re: Incarnation will release in Japan in July 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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