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Lapis x Labyrinth Details Treasure And The Useful Shops In Town


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Nippon Ichi have updated Lapis x Labyrinth’s website with new information on the process of obtaining treasure, and how you can improve your characters in town.



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By getting items in dungeons, you get Treasure Points. Try to get as many Treasure Points as possible, as your reward for beating the dungeon heavily depends on this, as well as your rank.


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Along with Treasure Points, you have Treasure Chains, which will keep increasing as you collect treasure, but resets if you are damaged by an enemy. The higher your Treasure Chain, the more Treasure Points you can obtain at once, so Treasure Chains will be key to getting a good Treasure Point score.


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After completing a dungeon, you get a Key of Unsealing which can un-curse the treasure chest. The higher your Treasure Point score, the more keys you can get at once. Depending on how many keys you use, you can open higher-ranked chests.


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By opening chests you find in the dungeons, you can get materials and equipment. These come in different levels of purity based on the rarity of the chest you opened, with gold chests being the best.

Apart from chests, there are some treasures found by defeating enemies or destroying environmental objects, but these take on a more practical use, such as by giving EXP, charging your Fever gauge, letting you roll slots during Fever Mode, or just giving you money.



The town is filled with useful shops, as well as the Guild where you can take on requests.


Lunch Box Shop

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Here, you can buy Lunch Boxes that give various effects while you’re in dungeons. Some can heal you, some will raise your attack, and most of all, all the food looks scrumptious.



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By using materials you’ve stocked up, you can enchant your equipment with new effects, or increase your enchantment level. Enchantments include attack or defense raising stat boosters, as well as healing effects.

As you continue along your journey, the types of Enchantments you can make will increase.



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Here, you can exchange materials for items at a fee. You can also sell items here.



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At the Dojo, you can increase the base HP, attack, and other attributes of your party members.


Lapis x Labyrinth releases in Japan on November 29, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game releases in Asia in Spring 2019.

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