Lara Croft Tackles A Fortress Of Fanatics In Fan-Made Tomb Raider: Above the Horizon



Tomb Raider 4’s engine has been put to work on Tomb Raider fan project Tomb Raider: Above the Horizon, which pits Lara Croft against a dangerous group of armed fanatics that have overthrown a government and turned a city into a fortress.




The developer promises that Lara will have new animations, movements, and interactions with the environment. There will be optional items and quests that the player can discover while playing through the story, and an optional hint system will be available for players who want to use it. Lara will also be able to return to older areas to explore again should she have missed something there.




This is not the developer’s first Tomb Raider fan project. He has also released Tomb Raider: Ancient Artifact II, in which Lara has found the holy grail, only to have it stolen from her.

Alistair Wong
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