The Last Door: Season 2 Uses Story, Sound, and Light To Unsettle Players


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Despite the simplistic visuals, The Last Door: Season 2s use of high-quality sound design, in-game lighting, and a complex story of cults, mystery, and dark places in Victorian England to induce fear in its players.

Inspired by Lovecraft and Poe, The Last Door: Season 2 takes players to various places across Victorian England, having players comb old asylums, abandoned manors, opium dens, and places that only exist within an ill mind as they look for their lost patient. They will also have to solve point & click item puzzles and engage in surreal conversations to reach the game’s end.

Following Dr. John Wakefield as he chases down his patient from the first season of low-res psychological horror adventure game The Last Door, The Last Door: Season 2 is now available on Steam.

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