Last Episode Of Visual Novel Leviathan Needs Funding Boost For English Version


Russian studio Lostwood Games is looking for $2,000 on Indiegogo in order to pay the costs of translating the fifth and final episode of its visual novel series Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade into English. 


Leviathan actually mixes visual novel and RPG. It’s a detective story and family drama set in a dark world that weaves cyberpunk, dark fantasy, magic, alien technology, and ancient beliefs into one. The world itself is ruled by five noble families who all have to listen to the undead Plague King above them.


A plot summary goes as follows: “A young man spends years to find clues to bring his mother’s murderer to justice. But what if the criminal is protected by a mighty family? And what if he has long become the single closest person to the protagonist?” You can see the beginning of the first episode in the video above.


The first four episodes of Leviathan were released in English (as well as Russian and German) on Steam, iOS (App Store), and Android (Google Play) by July 2013. But then the studio met financial issues and had to split up for a while, leaving the final episode in the balance, although it was finished and released in Russian.


Now that Lostwood Games is back on its feet, and already working on its next game, called Leviathan: the Cargo, it’s hoping to finally get the final episode out to English-speaking fans.

Chris Priestman