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The Last Friend Is A Post Apocalyptic Tower-Defender Of Protecting Puppies



The Last Friend tasks players with keeping the friendly dogs of a post apocalyptic world safe from mutants that want to eat them, using an array of traps, turrets, and their own fists to keep their canine pals safe.

Players are the proud owner of a mobile trailer that serves as a safe haven for dogs in a world where mutants wish to devour them. To do this, players will engage in a mixture of tower defense and beat ‘em up, setting various traps and turrets to keep the mutants at bay while wading into the crowds and using physical attacks to pound the stragglers into the dirt. Through this, players can watch for gaps in their defenses and deal with them live.

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Players will see some benefits for keeping their dogs safe as well. Each dog that the player rescues offers a special, equippable perk that can help them in the fight.

The Last Friend is currently in development.

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