The Last Guardian Director Has Interest In VR, But Don’t Expect Anything On It Soon



It’s always fun to think about what games would be cool to be made into a VR version, such as Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian director Fumito Ueda shared with Glixel his two cents on making a VR game.


Here’s the tidbit from Ueda-san about his thoughts on making a VR game:


Glixel: Since you seem to be drawn to and inspired by new technology, what about VR? Shadow of the Colossus would be pretty amazing on PSVR.

Fumito Ueda: If I were to release Shadow Of The Colossus for PSVR, I would feel a responsibility to create something that goes beyond the expectations of the fan base. It wouldn’t be enough to just make a game where you’re standing at the feet of a colossus. My biggest concern for a Shadow VR game is that it would be a first-person perspective and the biggest problem with VR, I’ve heard, seems to be that the motion makes people feel sick. So I don’t know if it would really be a good match. I don’t have the confidence that we’d be able to overcome that problem. Another problem with VR is that the market is not too big yet. On one side, as a creative medium, I’m interested in creating something for VR, but I also have the responsibility to make sure that it makes business sense for us to take on the project. So, in that sense, I haven’t found the right balance or realistic solution to make it happen.

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