Latest Blade and Soul 2 Trailer Highlights Combat and Classes

Blade and Soul 2 Trailer

The latest Blade and Soul 2 trailer puts viewers right into the action of the upcoming MMORPG. The latest video showcases how combat will function, along with highlighting some of the classes that will be available in this sequel. Those who are keen to jump in, but want to stick to classes they already know are in luck, as it seems like many previous classes will make a return in Blade and Soul 2. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The first part of the video features the Kung-Fu Master, which is a hand to hand class that relies on quick reflexes to parry the enemy’s attacks. This class, just like the Berserker, Destroyer, Blade Master, Zen Archer, and Force Master will make a return. The rest of the video showcases these various classes and how the visual affects of their skills have been changed to suit the new style of graphics. Additionally, a new class was teased at the end of the video. You can watch the Blade and Soul 2 trailer below.

Pre-orders in South Korea are currently open, and have been since February 9, 2021 with pre-orders exceeding over 2 million users in just 18 hours. A solid release date has not yet been confirmed. However, users are expecting the date to be revealed soon given that pre-orders have opened up.

Blade and Soul 2 will be available for PC to Asian audiences. The first Blade & Soul is immediately available for PC globally.

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