Latest Shall We Date? App Suggests Wand Of Fortune And Beastmaster And Princes Localizations Are Coming


beastmaster and princes


A new Shall We Date? app has appeared on Google Play and iTunes, and it seems to be hinting that more Idea Factory Otomate visual novels will be receiving English localizations. Story Jar @ Shall We Date? is one of those compilation applications, where people can access a number of NTT Solmare’s localized otome games in one location. However, the product listing for this app is the most interesting part, as it suggests Beastmaster and Princes and Wand of Fortune are upcoming games.


The Story Jar @Shall We Date? product page says people can access Shall We Date? Become Elite, Lost Island, Lost Island, Mononoke Kiss, The Niflheim, Pirates, and Pretty Awesome. And indeed, all of those games are there. But the product page also says Beastmaster and Princes and Wand of Fortune will be available. The following story summaries even appear under "current available series."

Beastmaster and Princes

In the Kingdom of Cattleya, you dream to be a skillful beastmaster like your mother…

When you’re looking for a beast of your own, you run into these four animals on the street. After a while, you eventually find out that they can speak a human language. To your surprise, they are actually the missing princes from the Kingdom of Fasan! They confess that a curse turned them into beasts.

Get ready to set out on a journey to break the curse!

Wand of Fortune

In a magic school from a distant land, there is a girl so awful at magic that the professors don’t know what to do with her. That girl is you.

At wit’s end from your constant magic failures, the professors seek help by transferring you to an entirely different school. That school is the Mills Crea School of Magic in the Magic City of Latium, the nexus of magic power where all aspiring wizards and wizardesses dream to go.

Your heart is filled with grand expectations as you step through the gates, only to be delivered heart-crushing news. By nature, all wizards and wizardesses possess a magic element, but you possess none.

With no one understanding the cause of your anomaly, it is deemed to hold perils and possible dangers. You are strongly required to obtain an element during your enrollment at Mills Crea. Will you be able to discover your missing element?


Beastmaster and Princes, originally released in Japan as Moujuutsukai to Oujisama, has appeared on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita in the region. There was even an attempted Kickstarter campaign for a mobile localization of Beastmaster and Prince: Flower and Snow, the most recent version of the game. (It was unsuccessful.)


Wand of Fortune is another otome visual novel that got its start on the PlayStation 2 in Japan. It eventually also appeared on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. It was so successful, it even spawned a sequel.


If these two Idea Factory Otomate games are being picked up by NTT Solmare, it would not be the first time such a thing happened. The company also released Princess Arthur, Nise no Chigiri (as Eternal Vows) and Hiiro no Kakera 4 (as Scarlet Fate) have all been released on Android and Apple iOS devices in English.

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