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Lawson Collaborating With Dragon Quest For A Castle-Like Store



Lawson, the second largest convenience store chain in Japan is having a special “Dragon Quest Collaboration Store” at a shop in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo, near Akihabara. 4Gamer shares more details on the collaboration.


Similar to how we’ve had a 7-Eleven promotion that turned one of their shops into a “Kwik-E-Mart” from The Simpsons, the Dragon Quest promotion will turn the insides of this Lawson store into a Dragon Quest store with castle-like designs going on in the inside.


While they won’t be selling Medicinal Herbs, Magic Water, or Yggdrasil Leaves, the store will have all kinds of limited items:



A Slime fan to beat the summer heat. These will be given to customers that make purchases of over 500 yen at the store.



The Dragon Quest face towel will be available for 1,944 yen.




Along with a Dragon Quest hand towel for 864 yen.



The Dragon Quest mug looks like it’ll be a popular item, and it’ll go for 1,814 yen.



The cashiers will also be wearing different Slime aprons. You’ll even occasionally see one wearing a Metal Slime apron. Hm, I wonder if they’ll give you a bunch of experience if you manage to catch them before they run off into the storage room.



Those who pre-order Dragon Quest VIII for Nintendo 3DS will get a DLC code to get the Ancient Erdrick’s Sword in the game, along with a code to get an S rank “Morrie Satan” monster for Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light.



First-print copies of the game will also come with a limited edition sticker shown in the above image.



There will also be some limited Lawson original WebMoney cards that will be available at the shop, featuring a design for Dragon Quest X, which includes a special item for the game.


The Lawson collaboration with Dragon Quest will begin on August 22nd, and will last for a limited time. Dragon Quest VIII will release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS, and players will get to swing by Lawson until November 1st to get an in-game item via StreetPass.

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