Lead Armies, Fly Starships, Or Steal Alien Veggies In Freeman: Star Edge



Freeman: Star Edge is a free-form galactic adventure, letting players decide if they want to lead armies in conquest, battle foes in dogfights in space, or become stealthy thieves/assassins across multiple planets.


Having been exiled to the edges of the star system, your player-made character now needs to create a life for themselves amongst the varied planets. It’s entirely up to the player how they do that, as Freeman: Star Edge gives the player full freedom to do what they wish across the galaxy. What they do will have an effect on the world, though, as many factions and economic aspects are all working at once throughout the game, and who the player helps will decide their story and effects.

Should exploration be what the player enjoys, they are free to wander many natural planets, sprawling alien cities, or discover lost civilizations and abandoned starships. If warfare is more of interest, players can exchange gunfire with clever foes and other species on various planets, lead a small army of AI mercenaries into combat against large groups of foes, or take one of several different ships into dogfights among the stars. Should players conquer a world through their battle styles, they can then move in and build their own settlement within it, gaining funds and creating a living city afterwards.


Depending on what players decide they wish to do, they can customize their character’s stats and build to suit their playstyle, giving them varied skills as they grow through an experience system. These can be used to create builds for stealth, fighting, trade, and more.

Freeman: Star Edge is currently raising funding on Kickstarter, with an Alpha demo available from the campaign page.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!