Leaf From Pokémon: FireRed and LeafGreen Getting A Figure


kotobukiya leaf squirtle

Today, Kotobukiya announced that Leaf, the female protagonist of Pokémon: FireRed and Pokémon: LeafGreen, is getting a figure as part of their ARTFX lineup. Previously, they announced figures for Ethan and Lyra, the protagonists of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver back in August.


The artwork for Leaf is being drawn by Hitoshi Ariga, and similar to the other Pokémon characters, Leaf will come with a starter Pokémon, being Squirtle. She completes the trio of Trainers hailing from Pallet Town, with Red and Green (Blue in localized versions) already having received figures already.


Another interesting fact about this announcement is that this marks the first time the female protagonist has been given an official name in merchandise or media, meaning that ‘Leaf’ has officially been confirmed as her name. Finally!


Pokémon: FireRed and Pokémon: LeafGreen is available on Game Boy Advance.

Alistair Wong
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