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Leaker Midori Admits to Being MysticDistance, Will Stop Leaking

Midori, a major leaker in the Sega community, confirmed that their true identity is MysticDistance. The account will no longer be posting any more leaks or information in the future.

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For reference, Midori is a known presence in the Persona community, often posting alleged leaks of varying degrees of accuracy about new and upcoming games. They were, according to tweets from the account, a Japanese woman with a boyfriend who might or might not work at Sega. Recently, the individual began posting information about games made by companies other than Atlus and Sega. A throwaway account posted a Pastebin compiling information and evidence linking Midori with MysticDistance.

On Twitter, Midori did not deny the information that they are the same person as MysticDistance. In a lengthy Twitter thread, the person explained they shared information that others shared with them, as well as wanting to report on Atlus and Sega without any ties to their previous online persona. They claimed did not mean to fool people into thinking they were an employee or catfish anyone when they came up with the persona. They finished the thread by apologizing to those who felt betrayed by who Midori really is.

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