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Learn More About Fate/Extella’s Artoria, Mumei, Gilgamesh, And Gameplay Systems



We recently got a look at Fate/Extella’s first gameplay footage, and Marvelous has updated the official website with new details and screenshots on Artoria, Mumei Gilgamesh, and gameplay systems.


Artoria Pendragon (CV: Ayako Kawasumi)


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King Arthur. A knight that is in charge of the Knights of the Round Table. She’s a king that has been given life to protect Britain as a dragon. She possesses enormous magical powers that gives her an edge in battle, and they say that a single blow from her is on a level of a god’s.


Mumei (CV: Junichi Suwabe)


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A wrought iron Heroic Spirit in a red cloak. He’s cynical and cool-headed, but is actually a caring guy. While he is an Archer, he’s able to handle his own in hand-to-hand combat. While he may not be the most powerful Heroic Spirit, he’s a versatile one that can handle anything that gets in his way.


Gilgamesh (CV: Tomokazu Seki)


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A Hero from Mesopotamian mythology. He calls himself “Mankind’s Oldest Hero,” and is actually the oldest human in history, and also “the king that has become a tale.” Gilgamesh is an arbitrator who lives among humans but he has the blood of god in his veins. He specializes in killing Heroic Spirits in order to acquire all the Noble Phantasm.


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As we got to see in the recent gameplay footage, Fate/Extella features “High-Speed Servant Action” that uses a combination of weak and strong attacks to pull off a variety of combos. Players will also get to use aerial dashes to escape from enemies and perform aerial attacks, or simply hit enemies into the air and focus all of your attacks on them. When enemy attacks get rough, you can also protect yourself by guarding.



In Fate/Extella, you’ll fight to take over bases called Sectors in order to get keys called “Regime Matrix” that shows for the control of the bases. Each Sector has its own “Regime Rank” and the higher the rank of a Sector is, the more of an advantage it’ll bring you, but they also have the risk of having more powerful enemies. After acquiring enough Regime Matrixes, a powerful Servant will appear to protect the area.



In order to take take over a Sector, you’ll need to defeat the “Aggressor” that is defending it. Aggressors appear after defeating enemies within the Sector. On the other hand, if your Sector gets taken over by an enemy, they’ll also take the Regime Matrix, too.



The side that gets 15 keys first is the winner, but simply taking out enemies wouldn’t be enough. Strategic elements such as “take out high rank Sectors first” or “fight while protecting my own Sectors from enemies” will be some of the parts you’ll need to keep in mind.





“Extella Maneuver” is a special attack that can be performed by using up a meter. By hitting one target you’re able to damage surrounding enemies as well with this ability. You can also add to it with additional attacks by using up more of the meter, allowing you to do massive damage to take out an army of enemies.


Fate/Extella will release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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