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Learn More About Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates’ Monster Girls And Story



Compile Heart and Felistella are working on Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates, an upcoming RPG that features only female characters with a pirate theme. The game’s official website has provided more on its story and characters.


While the young pirate girl named Parute was in the middle of searching for treasure in the sea, a bra-wearing monster child named Otton suddenly appeared and threw her into the sea.


—She then finds herself at the Monspi Sea, a mythical sea that is rumored to have hidden treasure.


There are no humans living there, but there are all kinds of Monster Girls and a clan of familiar faces called the “Pai Clan.”


An unknown land,

surrounded by odd creatures,

Parute is determined to find the hidden treasure.


Will she be able to find the treasure that sleeps in Monspi Sea and make return safely…


Parute Kairi:


A girl who suddenly appears drifted onto the Monspi Sea. She’s bright and optimistic, and determined to find the Monspi Sea’s treasure.




A Monster Girl who is out treasure hunting at Monspi Sea. She loves fun things and is also mischievous. She has a good nose when it comes to treasure.




Owner of a pirate ship, and is a Monster Girl who is a pirate at Monspi Sea. While she does own a ship, she’s poor for some reason and has been struggling.




A Monster Girl that attacks a pirate ship. She crashed into a pirate ship while floating out on the sea. She then attacks the pirate ship that she crashed into.



A Monster Girl who devilishly damages a pirate ship for the sake of doing something bad. She’s confident in her sex appeal and uses charm attacks.



A Monster Girl that lives in a haunted ship. Since she keeps to herself in the haunted ship, she has a quiet personality but is also selfish and ignorant of the world.




A Monster Girl that is a captain of a group of pirates. She’s confident in her skills, and since she’s one who tends to find things bothersome, she prefers solving problems by brute force instead of talking.


Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates will release in Japan in summer 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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