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Learn How To Access Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters Content And Join The League


Whether someone is intending to stick with Bloodborne or add on to the experience with The Old Hunters, instructions released by the PlayStation Blog detail how to access the new faction introduced in patch 1.07 or the upcoming expansion. In both cases, it isn’t terribly complicated to help a hunter find the Hunter’s Nightmare or start summoning AI allies.


To start on a The Old Hunters adventure with Bloodborne, someone first has to have defeated the Cathedral Ward’s boss and use the altar in the room to change the time from day to night. That’s so you can get an Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter from a messenger at the Hunter’s Dream. Having that item at night and leaving the Oedon Chapel from the left exit to enter the square will make an event that takes you to The Old Hunter’s Hunter’s Nightmare after you check the right-hand side of the square. Light the lamp in Hunter’s Nightmare and it will let you use Hunter’s Dream’s Awakening Headstone to visit Hunter’s Nightmare whenever you want.


Which will prove very helpful, should someone want to meet Brador or fight the Bell Holder. Brador is an old hunter who wants to meet someone with a bell, and since the Bell Holder is the one possessing a Bell Axe, you could end up working something out. You can also find the Bloodletter, which requires a player character’s blood to activate, a Gatling Gun, and a Beast’s Embrace rune that lets people transform into monsters.


As for The League, it’s significantly easier to join the faction. Update 1.07 is joined after you get an Impurity Rune from Summon Master Valtr and summon him in the small house next to the Forbidden Forest’s first lamp. Memorize the rune to access League Ranking and participate in one cooperative session to crush a vermin and find places on the Leaderboard.


League Membership means being able to summon NPCs and online players. Get a Old Hunter Bell from a messenger in Hunter’s Dream and, depending on the location, you’ll be able to summon one NPC Hunter, two NPC Hunters, or one NPC and one human Hunter. You can also see phantoms of Hunters around the same level as you who are looking for cooperative partners, in case you’re in search of an ally and haven’t searched on your own yet.


Bloodborne’s 1.07 update is immediately available for PlayStation 4 owners who would like to join The League. The Old Hunters expansion will be available on November 24.

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