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Learn A Little More About Your Friends In Vita’s Operation Abyss


The latest news brings us some characters who’ll be with you as you dive into the hell that is Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss. For those who missed out, this dungeon-crawling RPG is from developers Experience, who aren’t gun-shy when it comes to making throw-my-handheld-out-the-window-inducing titles, with Tokyo New World being set in the same monster-filled future universe as Labyrinth Cross Blood Reloaded.


One of the first people you’ll meet is the Riddle Girl, a mysterious woman who constantly appears in front of your crew as you plumb the depths of the Abyss alongside your fellow Aix Corps members. She’s searching for something, but no one knows quite what that is for now…



Saiki Akito was just a year ago the supporting man behind the commanding officer of the Aix Corps and is hailed as a genius. But something’s going on after someone goes missing… He’s also the younger brother to Kaito. Kaito sends you out on a story mission after discovering that terrorists want to crash the 7 Kingdoms Summit and monsters have been sighted near the area.



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Mura Masahachi is the classic ditz. While she’s super talented and smart, earning her a place in the Aix Corps even at her young age, she just can’t keep directions straight in her head. Tell her to man the barricades and she’s more likely to end up somewhere else entirely, all the while looking intently for where to go. One of your missions will require actually going out and finding the poorly lost girl after she’s gotten so completely turned around she has to send an SOS signal back to base.



There’s also news of another mission after the success of saving the 7 Kingdoms Summit. Working alongside the XPD division, a large force of monsters have been cornered in a sewer system and sealed off. It’s up to your troops to get in there and kill ever last non-human thing.




You’ll need to rely on and work with these people all the same though, because praying for messages from random online strangers probably won’t cut the mustard when Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss comes out January 23rd 2014 for the PlayStation Vita.