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tokimeki memorial 4 c It’s been eight years, but there’s finally going to be a new entry in the main Tokimeki Memorial series. As you’ve probably seen from stories appearing on Siliconera, Konami was focusing more on the DS incarnations of the Girl’s Side spin-off in recent years. But now, Tokimeki Memorial 4 is set to appear on PSPs on December 3, 2009 for 5,250 yen.


It’s a bit of a hallmark for the series, since this is the first time a Tokimeki Memorial game is going to debut on a portable system. Plus, it’s a way of celebrating the series’ 15th anniversary.


The main story and purpose of Tokimeki Memorial 4 is similar to all of the previous Tokimeki Memorial games. It’s a combination life sim and dating game, where you go through three years of high school and hopefully find a girl to end up with at the end. Your stats, which are determined by what activities you choose to participate in, influence whether or not girls will like you. You can also make friends with guys who will be your rivals for said girls’ affection.


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So, the goal at the end of the game is to go the Legendary Tree, where there’ll hopefully be one of the girls waiting for you there. The story goes that if two people in love there meet, they can be together forever.


As Spencer mentioned before, Tokimeki Memorial 4 has only just been announced so there isn’t much information available. Even the website only opened recently. Here’s what we do know:


  • It’ll have more characters and events than other Tokimeki Memorial games.
  • Ai Kawashima is going to be performing the game’s opening and ending themes.
  • There’ll be some real-time effect elements.
  • The speech synthesis system returns – which means the characters will probably be able to say your name like they did in the Girl’s Side games.
  • The two "main" heroines are Maki Hoshikawa and Satsuki Yu.
  • The main character’s cell phone battery life will also have some kind of effect on play. Like, if you don’t charge it, you may miss calls or not be able to call when you need to.
  • The phone’s used for a lot more than just calling people, this time around. Screenshots suggest it’s used for news and email as well.


The famitsutube YouTube account has a trailer of what looks like the opening movie uploaded as well, in which Maki and Satsuki feature quite prominently.



As a side note, I love the look on the guy’s face as he’s trying to study. Hilarious. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more is learned about the game!

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