Nintendo DS

Learn New Abilities in FFIV DS


In the original version of Final Fantasy IV, each of your party members all had unique abilities that were likened to them and only them. Palom and Porom had Twin Magic, Edward had Sing, Rosa had Prayer and Cecil had Dark Wave, and so on and so forth. I'm sure you've often wondered what it'd be like if, say, Cecil could use Sing or Rosa and Rydia could use Twin Magic. What if I told you that you could be able to do that in the FFIV DS remake? Shocked?


Whatever your reaction may be, the fact of the matter is I'm telling the truth! In the most recent Jump magazine scan, it is revealed that one of the newer features to grace the Final Fantasy IV DS remake is the ability of your (main) party members to inherit the abilities of former party members. As I mentioned above, it is possible for Cecil to inherit Edward's Sing ability as well as Palom & Porom's Twin Magic ability as evidenced in the scan below. This makes things a bit interesting as it allows you the ability to customize your characters with skills that highly benefited you from previous party members, though I don't know how much you benefited from Edward's singing.


This main new feature  of the game seems very promising; but what I'm more interested in knowing is whether or not you'll have the ability to replace your party members with those former party members towards the end game as you could in the GBA port of Final Fantasy IV. I enjoyed taking Palom & Porom with me to the final battle.