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Learn Street Fighter V Tips And Strategies From Daigo Umehara



When it comes to competitive fighting games, few names are more well-known than Mad Catz’ Daigo Umehara. Now, with the recent release of Street Fighter V, he has been able to share his strategies and ideas during his weekly training streams. With the help of Jiyuna, Daigo recently compiled a list of notes and strategies that fellow competitors as well as those looking to get into the competitive fighting game scene may find incredibly useful. [Thanks, Shoryuken.]


First off, Daigo explains that every successful competitor must possess the following set of six skills:


1. Execution

The ability to input commands quickly and correctly.


2. Discovery Power

The ability to discover strong moves and techniques.


3. Reactions

Not just simple reaction speed, but the ability to keep up in a fast paced game world. You could also call it Thought Speed.


4. Willpower

This is not so important in everyday matches…but in tournaments or other high pressure situations, this is extremely important.


5. Memory

The opposite of Willpower…this is not so important in tournaments or other short term situations. but in long sets or casuals this is very important for maintaining a positive win rate.


6. Power to Construct Strategies

In Fighting Games, this is generally the most important skill in order to win. If you can beat your opponent in this aspect, there is no way you should lose.


He puts emphasis on that sixth and last trait and goes on to offer up some strategies and scenarios to further illustrate that point. His first strategy involves sealing your opponent’s moves and saving your meter in order to kill with a Super. However, the downside of using this strategy is, if you lose, you will have no meter for the subsequent round.


Daigo’s second strategy involves carrying an opponent to the corner to greater increase the chance of victory. While this strategy is very meter efficient, since it is easy to take damage while implementing this strategy, you run the risk of failing and letting your opponent escape, thereby decreasing your chances to win.


The third and final strategy Daigo outlines is the use of Fireballs in neutral to bring down your opponent’s health, all while avoiding letting yourself become cornered. The upside of this particular strategy is that it allows you to better observe the flow of the fight so you can safely adjust to your foe’s movements. However, this approach puts you at the risk of being cornered much more quickly


“Now that you know some strategies, you need to choose the proper one based on your opponent’s game plan,” Daigo went on to explain. “For example, against characters like Dhalsim and Nash, fighting them midscreen is difficult so you have no choice but to bring them to the corner (assuming your opponent is playing the match properly). On the other hand, bringing characters like Mika and Cammy to the corner is difficult, so you have no choice but to use Strategy #3.”


To pick up more useful tips and tricks for Street Fighter V, you can watch Daigo stream on Twitch every Friday at 6:00 PM PDT, 9:00 PM EDT.


Street Fighter V is available now for the PC and PlayStation 4.