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Learn About Subaru’s Dilemma And Why He Needs A Kiss In The Upcoming Re:Zero Game



5pb is working on a Re:Zero game with an original storyline that is different from what we’ve seen in the anime, manga, and light novel series. Famitsu details how Subaru got himself in trouble and needs a kiss to make it out alive.


The Kingdom of Lugnica is holding a contest that features the five candidates to be the next ruler of the kingdom. In this contest, called the “Beauty Queen Election,” the heroines are judged by their splendor, elegance, and more from various judges. The winner of the contest is rewarded with a “Metia,” a royal treasure that is said to bring good luck, which in turn makes them known and honored throughout the kingdom, and practically into a king-like figure. Each camp prepares for the contest, as the royal capital revels in festivities.


Subaru was helping with the prep work the day before the tournament, but he accidentally kisses the royal treasure. That’s when he hears a voice say “Thou shall give your blood… in exchange for protection, a kiss from the opposite sex is needed. Should you communicate to others about this curse, unbearable misfortune shall be bestowed upon you.”


The prize for the contest was actually a cursed item.


Subaru has been cursed and he now “returns by death.” Realizing that he can’t do anything about it on his own, he turns to Beatrice for help. She explains that in order to lift the curse, he’ll need to “kiss” someone. To break the seal of the curse, Subaru must attempt to get even closer to Emilia and the others, as he works on interfering with the tournament in order to prevent others from touching the cursed item.




Emilia isn’t feeling too confident but she enters the general election. Meanwhile, Beatrice has her usual attitude asking “why are you getting cursed again?”



There’s a kiss from Emilia, but we still don’t know what will happen at the contest.


Subaru has two objectives. One is to lift the curse so he no longer “returns by death,” and the other is to make sure others don’t come into contact with the cursed treasure.


Subaru must get a kiss or else he dies from the curse. Moreover, it can’t be any kiss, as it must be from the heart or it doesn’t count, so he’ll need to get as close as possible to the heroines to make it happen. To escape death, the choices you make in events will be the key.




That said, Subaru will need to back up a heroine in order to get the royal treasure. To do this, he’ll need to help one of the heroines win the contest through popularity polls. Could he possibly put modern day knowledge to help with the general election? Again, Subaru will get closer to the heroines as he helps pave their road to victory, which can also be seen as the path to the kiss he needs in order to lift the curse.



Dancing is one of the criteria for the tournament among others such as swimsuit judgment. It seems like Subaru was the one that helped think up Emilia’s pose in the above image.




Rem and Ram are also shown wearing swimsuits. While it still remains unknown as to how they’ll participate, we also get to see Rem doing various poses for Subaru. Perhaps we’ll get to see other parts to them that we won’t get to in the anime.


Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss releases in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on March 23, 2017.

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