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Learn More About The Team Behind Final Fantasy XIV’s Story And Lore



Square Enix has shared a second installment of their new Dev Diary video series chronicling the efforts of Final Fantasy XIV’s development team. This time, the focus is on Heavensward’s story and expansive lore surrounding the complex world of Eorzea.


First, we heard from Kazutoyo Maehiro, the game’s main scenario writer who spoke briefly about the team of writers and how they all try to focus on content suited to each person’s individual strengths, “—though that isn’t always the case,” he added.


Next, Banri Oda spoke a bit about his crucial role as the game’s world lore creator. “All the unique elements within the world of Final Fantasy XIV—the nations, religions, history, races, monsters, items—it’s my job to think up all of these things,” Oda explained.


English Localization Lead Michael Christopher Koji Fox commented on his work with creating the game’s dragon language from scratch, and how his background in linguistics study from college helped him to design a language that felt authentic.


Main scenario writer Maehiro closed the video by saying, “More than anything, I appreciate when our players enjoy the game. That’s what makes me happy. That’s what gives me satisfaction.”


Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.