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Learn About Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Class System, Weapons, And All Kinds Of Armor



During Monolith Soft’s latest livestream for Xenoblade Chronicles X, we got a look at the game’s basic battle system and Arts, along with some advanced battle techniques. We also saw more details on the game’s class system, and a closer look at all kinds of weapons and armor.


In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you’ll get most of your equipment at the Shopping District in New Los Angeles. While some may look the same, they’ll often vary in effects and attributes, so you’ll want to keep a close eye on what you purchase.


XenobladeX_41 XenobladeX_42

Weapons are split between Fighting and Shooting types. Fighting weapons include knives, swords, shields, and javelins. Shooting weapons have rifles, guns, and launchers.


XenobladeX_43 XenobladeX_45


As far as armor goes, there are parts for: head, body, left arm, right arm, and legs.


2015-03-06_072801 2015-03-06_0728212015-03-06_072852 2015-03-06_072905 2015-03-06_0729182015-03-06_072931

2015-03-06_072943 2015-03-06_073040


Equipment comes in different sets and series. The above screenshots show just a small example of the variety there is to gear up with.



There are different companies that develop various equipment, and you might find yourself choosing certain brands over others, which helps in leveling up the manufacturing companies, as you purchase and use their products.


2015-03-06_073451 2015-03-06_073556

XenobladeX_50 2015-03-06_073951XenobladeX_54 XenobladeX_52   XenobladeX_53 XenobladeX_56XenobladeX_57 XenobladeX_58

As the companies can level up, it results in the production of new and better equipment from their lines.



Equipment also have slots, which you can use to input Devices to add different power-ups and effects to the gear.


You can also get equipment from monsters.. There are some monsters that drop exceptionally good equipment, so it sounds like it’ll be worth farming certain beasts to get that special piece of armor or weapon.


XenobladeX_60XenobladeX_62 XenobladeX_63

While finding rare and powerful equipment can be beneficial, you’ll need to keep your “Inner Level” in check, as equipment has level restriction, which won’t allow you to use them until you meet the right Inner Level requirements. Characters won’t only level by fighting, but also from doing different things like finding treasure or exploring.


XenobladeX_64 XenobladeX_65 XenobladeX_67 XenobladeX_68

Again, one of the most important factors that will play a role in your fighting style, is the class system. All characters start out as a Drifter class, and after getting the basic Arts, they’ll get to choose between Assault, Command, and Forcer classes.



Each class has its own Arts and usable equipment, but in the end, it will be up to your preferred playstyle. There are various advanced classes as well. For example, the Assault class is shown branching into “Samurai Gun” and “Shield Battler”.



The Samurai Gun class can also go into its final form of “General Sword”. Classes will have their own exclusive Arts as well, so they’ll be worth looking into as you level your characters.


XenobladeX_71 XenobladeX_72

XenobladeX_73 XenobladeX_74

Now that we know there are class systems and powerful weapons out there, it might sound like you could take on Planet Mira on your own, but your allies will be just as important to have around in order to survive.


XenobladeX_75 XenobladeX_76 XenobladeX_77 XenobladeX_78 2015-03-06_075452 2015-03-06_075547XenobladeX_79 XenobladeX_80

Elma and Lyn aren’t the only ones who’ll join your party–there are all kinds of characters from NLA and BLADE that will be more than willing to help you out in battle. Similar to Xenoblade Chronicles, you’ll also get to play as the other party members in combat.


XenobladeX_81 XenobladeX_82

XenobladeX_83 XenobladeX_84 XenobladeX_85 XenobladeX_86 XenobladeX_87

Finally, the livestream ended with the members of BLADE encountering a new race of enemies, and they control giant laser-shooting mecha. They also can’t stand the sight of humans. In order to defeat them, BLADE will need to bring out their mecha weapons, the Dolls… which will be featured in the next livestream for the game.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29, 2015 for Wii U. The game will also release in North America and Europe later this year.

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