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Learn More About How You’ll Fight The Chimera In Black Rose Valkyrie



Compile Heart’s upcoming PlayStation 4 RPG, Black Rose Valkyrie, takes place in a post-pandemic world where the “Chimera” and an unknown virus threatens the world. The official website gives us a closer look at how you’ll fight in hopes of eradicating the threat to mankind.



The anti-Chimera weapon is an extreme burden to its users. As a result, it’s been reported to have the side-effect of split personality on its wielders. The change in personality that comes from the weapon’s split-personality side-effects are remarkably similar to what you see in those affected by the Chimera Virus before transforming into a Chimera, which has made it the biggest problem in managing the system.


With this issue, it makes it difficult to distinguish between an anti-Chimera weapon’s side effects changing one’s personality of the Valkyrie, or if it’s a Chimera Reserve (those with a chance of becoming a Chimera after being infected). As a measure to prevent putting the unit in danger, each member is “interviewed” on a regular basis to check whether their change in personality is from the weapon, or perhaps something worse.



Next up are some details on the game’s battle system. In Black Rose Valkyrie you’ll use a command-based system that changes action order in real-time as part of the “Tactical Fluid Battle System.”


With the action orders always changing, the battles may consist of a big mix of ally and enemy actions. The fights consist of actions such as “Combo,” “Charge,” Arts” and more.



“T C S” are tactical anti-Chimera weapons that were given the codename of “Valkyrie.” Asahi Shiramine and the other members of the Special Forces use the T C S to fight against the Chimera. The T C S is made operable by a plug that is connected to the user that has been authorized by the system.


While plugged in, an enhancing agent is administered into their bodies, making the users able to use the mass of steel, that is the T C S, as regular weapons; however, due to the enhancing agent’s heavy burden on their bodies, the users are restricted from using it for a prolonged period of time.


Again, when a non-authorized person uses the weapon, the system and enhancing agent will reject, causing a destruction of the person’s mind and body, and in the worst case scenario, even death.


Black Rose Valkyrie will release in Japan on June 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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