The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn Story And Lead Characters Revealed

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Falcom recently announced a new Legend of Heroes game for 2015, called The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn, which will be an original RPG with a story and some sort of online connected features. Falcom’s official website updates us with some new details on the upcoming game.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn takes place in the same continent of the Zemuria, like the other games in the series, with key areas such as the Crossbell State, Liberl Kingdom, and Remiferia as some of the main settings.


The game’s original story revolves around two key characters of Nacht Weiss and Chloe Barnett, and will also include many others from the Trails series make appearances.


The story starts out at the western part of the Zemurian continent,  at Crossbell State, where a young boy named Nacht Weiss dreams of becoming a Bracer. On the day of his long-awaited Bracer qualification exam, he meets a strange black-haired girl.


Her name is Chloe Barnett. She arrived from the Liberl Kingdom in order to acquire the qualification of becoming a Bracer.


As the two unexpectedly took their exam together, while thinking about the unfamiliar department name of “special duty support section” that was mentioned by Michel at the Crossbell Bracer Guild’s branch office, they had to examination area, called Geofront Division, located somewhere in the underground area of Crossbell.


And this marks the beginning of Nacht and Chloe’s grand adventure…


2014-06-26_011232 Nacht Weiss is a young man of unknown nationality, who does everything he can to avoid standing out, and believes in doing everything in an ordinarily manner.


He originally planned on becoming a Bracer and taking on little requests here and there, but unfortunately for him, he ends up being stuck as part of a duo with Chloe, who has an exact opposite personality of his own.


In addition to handling his Halberd and Orbal gun weapon, he seems to have other battle-related gadgets going on with other things like Orbal mines, and such.


2014-06-26_011259 Chloe Barnett is a young girl from Ruan of the Liberl Kingdom, who has a strong sense of justice and an honest personality. She’s had an interest in stories about knights since she was little, which she has then been influenced by, and occasionally speaks in the older mannerisms in such stories.


Due to her immense admiration towards the heroes (Bracers) who fixed Liberl, she dropped out of the Jenis Royal academy, and decided to become a Bracer, much against her parents’ will.


A platform for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn has yet to be announced.

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