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The Legend of Legacy Gameplay Videos Show Off The RPG’s Battle System



Legend of Legacy has an interesting battle system that revolves around Battle Skills and Positioning, in addition to a magic system that borrows power from spirits. FuRyu shares a look at how things work in the latest videos.



The first video demonstrates the battle flow of the game, which looks pretty orthodox as far as turn-based RPGs go. The video sticks to simple commands for the most part. However, you can see the tank covering his allies on several occasions, so it looks like they’ll play a big role in the fight, with abilities that allow them to protect the entire party.



The second video is another combat demonstration, and this time they show a fight against a tougher foe. The members also use more technical commands including some healing and supportive magic like Splash Wall and Aqua Heal.


Thanks to the buffs that can be provided through magic, it looks like you won’t always need a tank if your party can handle some enemy attacks. In this case, they’re fighting a tougher monster, so you have both defenses protecting the group.


FuRyu also shared a look at some pre-order bonuses for The Legend of Legacy on their official website:



The above is a look at the original soundtrack CD that comes as a  pre-order bonus, featuring music by the game’s composer, Masashi Hamazu, known for some of his compositions in series such as Final Fantasy and SaGa for Square Enix.


The cover art is also done by Tomomi Kobayashi, best known for her distinct artwork in the SaGa series.


The Legend of Legacy is slated for release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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