Legend Of Dungeon Lets You Send Cats, Unicorns, And Chickens To Beat Up Monsters



Robot Loves Kitty has released a free update to its randomly generated action-RPG Legend of Dungeon that, above all, allows you to tame wild animals and keep them as pets.


Sure, sure, there are more monsters, more unlockable classes, more weapons, more hats, more treasure, and Oculus Rift support. But the most important new feature here is the pet system. It does come with a risk, though, as petting creatures during the taming process might lead to your death rather than the love that you desire.


But, hey, that’s the danger you play with when trying to win the love of a unicorn. Or a chicken. Or a dog. Or a cat. Whatever creature it is that takes your fancy among the game’s new population of tameable animals.



Of course, Legend of Dungeon isn’t a game about gaining new pets. It’s all about fighting your way through dingy underground caverns with the equipment on your back. And so you should prepare yourself to lose any pet that you do acquire as, if you have them fight an ogre alongside you, they’re going to get hurt. Bring a box of tissue to mop up the tears just in case.


Legend of Dungeon is available to purchase on Steam and its website for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Chris Priestman