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Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash Introduces A Prince That Builds Airships


We’ve previously introduced several members of Thors Academy in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, which included an alcoholic Gun & Blade wielder in Sara Valestin and the rather fit 70-year-old dean, Vandyck. Now, we have a look at the latest characters, which includes an airship engineer prince and a lovely maid.


Olivert Reise Arnor

Age: 27



Olivert is the eldest son of emperor Eugent III, and is known for his elegant manners. He is not related by blood to the emperor, so he has abandoned the succession to the throne, and has been actively appearing in public and the media. He’s a former student of Vandyck and is currently working with him as chief director at Thors Academy.


In addition to his role in the establishment of Class VII, he leads the construction of the high-speed cruiser called “Courageous” (pictured above). In order to stop the opposition against the empire, Olivert has made it his goal to stop a certain somebody.



Age: 24



Misty is a radio personality of a program called Abent Time, that airs on Sunday nights. She has gathered a following of listeners, including her own fan club, thanks to her soothing way of speaking and her witty comments. She has more of an older sister-type of personality, but it is said that she lightly teased Rean when they first encountered.


Irina Reinford

Age: 40


Irina is the cool-headed and tact president of the Reinford Group, and is also Alisa’s mother. Five years ago, she had taken the top position of the company from the previous president, her father. The company has been in charge of developing the Imerial Army’s Railway Guns, their primary tanks called Achtzehn, and the luxurious flight ship Lucitania. Furthermore, they’ve also been in charge of ARCUS developments and are often going all over the empire to assist with various research and other developments.


Sharon Kluger

Age: 23


Sharon is a maid who’s been recently hired as the manager of the Thors Academy’s third student dormitory. She’s a servant of the Reinford family and has she’s been instructed by Irina to attend her new position at Thors. She has a comforting personality and is a very considerate maid who takes care of Rean and the others with her outstanding cooking and more. Alisa considers her close to an older sister, as the maid had supported her in training in the past.


In the northern part of the empire lies the state of Nortia, where one of the Four Noble Families, Logners, live. The land is full of giant factories and generators, which shows emphasis on its beauty and utilities. The main factory of the industrious Reinford company is also located here, including an engineering institute called Lur.



There’s also a giant iron mine located in the northeast of Lur, which has been supporting the empire for over 200 years. The mines are owned by the Erebonian Empire, and are currently being managed by a joint force of the RF (Reinford Company) and the state of Nortia.



The above is a look at the previously mentioned high-speed cruiser, “Courageous”.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash comes out in Japan on September 26 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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