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Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Flash’s Characters Specialize In These Attacks


    We recently reported new battle system features of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash that involves pairing up party members for tag attacks and support. Falcom reveals additional details for the tag attacks, along with character ratings for different attack types.


    As previously mentioned, the cooperative attacks called “Link Attacks” will have three different categories. Burst, Rush and Pursuit. Here’s a closer look at how they work:


    Pursuit is fairly basic, and allows the linked party member to follow up with an automatic attack.


    Rush will have the two paired characters do a simultaneous cooperative attack.


    Finally, the Burst option will allow you to use all the participating party members to simultaneously attack the monster with a wave of heavy attacks.


    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash features four different attack attributes. They are: Cut, Thrust, Shoot and Strike. Enemies will be weak to certain attack types. Hitting their weak spots will increase the chance of breaking their stance, and giving you a chance at a Link Attack opportunity.


    • Cut:  a relatively balanced attack. It is best used against soft enemies and plant types.
    • Thrust: penetrating attack that is good for hitting vital spots of bigger enemies. Best used against large enemies and fish type monsters.
    • Shoot: A great attacking method against speedy enemies. Most effective against flying monsters, insects and hard enemies.
    • Strike: used to crush or destroy enemies, also a great way to stun enemies. Effective against insects and large beasts.


    The characters have a wide range of specialties in attack types. While some may excel at just a single attack attribute, others may be able to use all four, but with a lower rating. Here’s a look at our nine heroes and their attack attribute ratings.


    Rean Schwarzer

    Weapon: Sword

    Attack Ratings— Cut: S / Thrust: NA / Shoot: NA / Strike : NA

    Rean specializes specializes in Cut attacks, boasting the highest rating. Enemies weak against cutting attacks will be no match against him.


    Alisa Reinford

    Weapon: Bow

    Attack Ratings— Cut: NA / Thrust: NA / Shoot: S / Strike : NA

    Alisa is the best at shooting type attacks. She can take out any enemy weak against shots with little trouble.


    Eliot Craig

    Weapon: Staff

    Attack Ratings— Cut: D / Thrust: D / Shoot: C / Strike : C

    The mage, Eliot, has attributes for all attack types, but most of them are lower ranked with C and D ratings.


    Laura S. Arseid

    Weapon: Two-handed sword

    Attack Ratings— Cut: A / Thrust: NA / Shoot: NA / Strike : A

    Unlike Rean, Laura excels at Cut and also Strike attacks. She makes for an excellent attacker during Link Attacks.


    Jusis Albarea

    Weapon: Sword

    Attack Ratings— Cut: A / Thrust: B / Shoot: NA / Strike : NA

    Jusis has an orthodox fighting style, and uses his sword for powerful cuts and thrusts.


    Machias Regnitz

    Weapon: Shotgun

    Attack Ratings— Cut: NA / Thrust: NA / Shoot: A / Strike : B

    Machias is top class at shooting with the addition of strikes from the power of his shotgun.


    Emma Millstein

    Weapon: Staff

    Attack Ratings— Cut: D / Thrust: C / Shoot: C / Strike : D

    Similar to Eliot, Emma has attributes in all attack types but does not excel at any.


    Fie Claussell

    Weapon: Double Gun-sword

    Attack Ratings— Cut: B / Thrust: B / Shoot: B / Strike : NA

    Thanks to Fie’s use of the versatile Double Gun-sword, she has a B rating on Cut, Thrust and Shoot attacks.


    Gaius Worzel

    Weapon: Spear

    Attack Ratings— Cut: NA / Thrust: S / Shoot: NA / Strike : NA

    Gaius excels at Thrust attacks and will come handy for critical hits against large enemies.



    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash comes out in Japan on September 26 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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