Legrand Legacy’s Combat Draws Inspiration From Shadow Hearts, Fire Emblem



The turn-based combat of JRPG Legrand Legacy requires players have the right weapon, the right element, and the right timing if they want to live long in a land plagued by destruction and sorrow.




Legrand Legacy uses a weapon triangle similar to that of Fire Emblem, where slash beats pierce, pierce beats impact, and impact beats slash. Beyond choosing the right weapon and knowing your enemy’s elemental weaknesses, players will also have to hit the attack button at just the right time.


The Action Circle Tempo, similar to the wheel from Shadow Hearts’ combat system, requires players hit the attack button as a dial moves around a wheel. If the player pushes it when in a strike or critical zone, a hit will be scored. If they hit it in the blank areas, they will suffer a penalty.




Legrand Legacy takes place in a world suffering due to events in its past, following six characters on a quest to save the world and find personal redemption. More people will join them as well, becoming NPCs in an ever-growing castle the characters control. The player will also amass troops for much larger skirmishes, fighting in large-scale wars to protect their castles or defend other cities.


Legrand Legacy is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight. It has no set release date at this time.

Alistair Wong
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