Leif’s Spring Flowers Event Comes To Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


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Another garden event has come to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This time, the person we are helping is Leif and the creatures we are growing flowers to attract, capture and share are ladybugs. From February 27 until March 8, 2018, everyone will be attempting to catch as many bugs as possible. (The second phase of the event begins on March 4, 2018.)


The two types of flowers in the first part of the event are White Clover and Y. Sleeping Beauty seeds. The former attract pink ladybugs, while yellow ladybugs prefer the latter. Each type of flower seed could be earned by helping animals, but you can also buy the White Clover seeds from Lloid. After March 4,, 2018, pink Sleeping Beauty seeds, navy ladybugs and purple ladybugs will appear.


Here is the list of items you can earn by collecting ladybugs during the first portion of the event.

  • 3 Pink Ladybugs: Floral Canal
  • 9 Pink Ladybugs: Floral Canal
  • 15 Pink Ladybugs: Spring Flower Crown
  • 40 Pink Ladybugs: Floral Stepping Stones
  • 70 Pink Ladybugs: Shamrock Blazer
  • 80 Pink Ladybugs: Floral Canal
  • 6 Yellow Ladybugs: Floral Canal Corner
  • 12 Yellow Ladybugs: Floral Canal Corner
  • 20 Yellow Ladybugs: Floral Stepping Stones
  • 30 Yellow Ladybugs: Floral Canal Corner
  • 40 Yellow Ladybugs: Spring Garden (foreground)
  • 50 Yellow Ladybugs: Round Spring Flower Bed

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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