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Let’s Go Over The Nine, Celica, and Nobody XBlaze Lost: Memories Spoilers




I am going to be brutally honest with all of you, because I feel like we have a level of trust that has been cultivated over the last eight years. (Yes, I have been loitering around here that long.) XBlaze Lost: Memories is interesting, but trudging through it can be a real slog. Mainly because it has more kinetic and fan disc elements to it than interactive and original content. If you didn’t play XBlaze Code: Embryo, you probably won’t enjoy it, even though it does teach us quite a bit about Nine and Celica A. Mercury.


Which brings us to this, the XBlaze Lost: Memories spoiler post. You know what’s going to happen here. I’m going to tell you everything the visual novel teaches us about these two critical characters in the BlazBlue universe. No, the game never specifically names them as Konoe A. Mercury and Celica A. Mercury. It doesn’t have to. They have identical appearances to the familiar faces, share the same voice actresses, have the same backgrounds, and share the same abilities. We’re learning more about Nine and Celica here, when the game isn’t rehashing the XBlaze Code: Embryo adventures of Es.




So, we’ll start with Nine, known as "Me" throughout XBlaze Lost: Memories. She spends most of the game hating her father, believing he experimented on both her, Celica, and her mother, and that said experiments are the reason for her cursed eye with the ability to absorb seithr, Celica’s natural seithr purifying effect, and her mother’s untimely death. She’s already a master mage as the game begins, having trained with a member of the Ten Sages that might have been Kuon from XBlaze Code: Embyro.


This power is completely dedicated to the protection of Celica, whom she doesn’t even allow to leave the house. She has all sorts of protective wards in place, since she knows her sister’s abilities would make her desirable to people who would abuse them. She has no friends. They have no family, as she hopes to ensure her father never returns to use Celica either. Her whole life revolves around protecting her sister.




Celica, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to be exactly like Nine. She wants to go to school like her. She wants to be a master mage. Celica wants to protect Nine the way Nine protects her. As the game begins, she willfully defies her sister to run an errand and attempt to do household chores. You know, be a "big girl." Nine chastizes her severely, and shortly after everyone ends up in the Phantom Field.


Once Nine enters the Phantom Field and reaches the final floor, she realizes everything she knew about her parents was wrong. Her father never experimented on any of them. Her ability to absorb seithr is natural, and could have killed both her and her mother during the pregnancy. Both were saved due to her father researching and creating an Origin of the Grimoire crystal based on the Original Grimoire. The fetus absorbed this crystal in utero, and it became Nine’s "cursed" left eye. It weakened the absorbed seithr and sealed away that which wasn’t dissipated. It’s the only reason Nine and her mother survived.




Nine then learns that Celica’s seithr neutralizing abilities were also natural, and had nothing to do with her mother’s death. Her mother was weakened after giving birth to Nine. This left her and Celica in danger, with the baby arriving early. The two survived the birth, but Nine and Celica’s parents were never the same. Their mother was incredibly ill, and their father spent all his time in his lab trying to find a way to heal her.


The Phantom Field is connected to Nine and Celica’s house because, in their father’s desperation to save their mother after she died, he looked into researching the boundary. This resulted in a connection. Celica was poking around the workshop, fell in, and found their father’s memories. Celica asked Nobody to show Nine their father’s and Es’ memories, to help her sister change her opinion about their dad and understand that all the memories shown in the Phantom Field were real. The trip into the other dimension ends with Nine acknowledging that she and Celica can work together.




There’s one final character to discuss, and that’s Nobody. She’s Nine’s benevolent guide through the Phantom Field and first friend. The game ends with her explaining to the girls that, even though both invite her to return to the real world with them, it’s impossible. It’s only then that Nine and Celica piece it together. Nine fixes the machine and returns to the Phantom Field, learning that Nobody is the Embryo sealed inside of Es and the reason all of Es’ memories were in the Phantom Field. The Phantom Field is the World of the Tsukuyomi that Es created as a buffer between the Boundary and reality. An entrance to it opened due to Nine and Celica’s father’s experiments.


There you have it! You know know the Nine, Celica, and even Nobody spoilers in XBlaze Lost: Memories. (90% of which appear in the very last chapter.) There’s more to Es’ tale, but you’ll have to get and play the game on your PlayStation 3 or Vita to find out what happened next.

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