Let’s Take A Look At The Heroes’ Vs. Battle System



Spike Chunsoft’s Gundam x Kamen Rider x Ultraman crossover will offer plenty of characters, but how does Kamen Rider Den-O fight Reborns Gundam?


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The main battles in Heroes’ Vs. have several fundamental actions such as basic attacks, combos, guided attacks, and healing. All the attacks will have short and long-ranged variations. The SP or Spirit Points can be built up to perform SP Crush attacks, finishing attacks, or can also be used to steal the enemy’s SP. When enough SP is built up, a player can enter “Finish Mode”. In Finish Mode, players can perform a 1-hit kill and instantly end the fight.


In story mode, players will collect cards used to create support decks to their liking. Cards have various uses and abilities such as power ups, healing, hindering enemy movement, and special attacks. There are over 400 cards which will also include common and rare cards. Heroes’ Vs.’ 18 fighters will have their exclusive franchise battle traits, which will define their advantages and the way they’re played.


Guard Cancel


Kamen Rider

Characters from the Kamen Rider universe will focus on high speed and combos. They fill up their SP by performing combos, which can also include SP Crush attacks.


Additionally, the Kamen Rider exclusive “Belt Force Mode”, which makes their next jump attack do extra damage. Once the jump attack is used, they go back to their normal state, but the Belt Force Mode can be used as many times possible during a fight.


Belt Force



Ultraman characters can cancel enemy guards, while giving themselves an extra strong defense to top it off. Their play style will depend heavily on defense and timing counter attacks. Their SP is filled by hitting the enemy, guarding attacks and taking hits.


The Ultraman exclusive “Revive Burst” is a mode that can be a last minute game changer. It can be activated when their HP is 2 or lower, and 80% or more SP. When active, the Ultraman’s attack and defense will have a significant 15 second boost. It can only be used once per fight.


Revive Burst



Last but not least, the Gundam characters will have a nice mobility advantage. They can perform long-ranged attacks during a boost and will be the only set of characters with the ability to do double-jumps and air-dashes. They start out the fight with a full SP bar, and it gradually fills up on its own. They may have the early game advantage, but if you waste it all too early, it may be disadvantageous when you need it later.


The Gundam’s exclusive mode is the “Awakening” and it can only be used once per fight, for 15 seconds during Finish Mode. When a Gundam is in Awakening status, they can significantly drop their opponent’s SP, leaving them open to an easy 1-hit kill.


Awakening Gundam

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