Level-5 Smartphone RPG Otome Hero Will Have You Save The World With Love And Handsome Guys



Level-5 shared a new trailer for their upcoming smartphone RPG, Otome Hero, an otome game with gacha and RPG elements and plenty of handsome characters to fall in love with.


As previously reported, Otome Hero has 24 “Slayers” that you get to pick as a partner from the start. You’ll work in teams of three Slayers to take out monsters in real-time battle.


The characters are designed by Kurahana Chinatsu, who worked at Nitro + Chiral. The game’s genre is listed as “RPG where you save the world with the love of two” so I’m guessing it’s you, the “hero,” and whoever you pick as your partner. The trailer does show what appears to be death scenes at the end, so it looks like bad things can happen to your beloved.


Otome Hero releases in Japan this winter for iOS and Android.

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