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Level 5’s Next Major RPG Has A Number Of Areas To Explore


Level 5’s ghost-collecting 3DS RPG, Youkai Watch, is their third cross-media franchise after Inazuma Eleven and The Little Battlers, which have shared success as a game and anime. It takes place in the monster-filled Sakura Town, with many places to visit while searching for youkai.


The above is a full view of Sakura Town’s map, where many youkai are hidden throughout the area. By using your Youkai Watch, you’ll be able to see them unlike the regular citizens who are oblivious to the ghostly creatures.



Namahage (the youkai pictured above) appears in front of “bad children” who cross the street on red lights and is quite the fearsome youkai you wouldn’t want to mess with. However, they say that if you obey the rules something good may come from it.



The convenience store above is called “Anything-Mart” is where you can purchase items with different effects such as healing and more, for your youkai. They also sell different foods which can be used to help befriend enemy youkai. Like humans, the youkai have their preferences in food so some may be more effective than others.

We previously reported that you can go fishing and bug catching in Youkai Watch, which may have left you wondering how that could come in handy when you should be catching ghosts. By taking live creatures to the Jungle Hunter shop, you can exchange them for various items, including some that can change your youkai’s personality.




Next up is Oomori Mountain, shown above. This is where you’ll first meet Whisper, who’s been stuck inside the old capsule machine. By using special coins, you’ll be able to acquire more youkai through the old device. Oomori Mountain is an ideal place to catch youkai, along with insects and fish.





Sakura New Town is the quiet hometown of the main character. It’s considered a part of Sakura Town, and consists mainly of residential areas, a school and a park. This is where you’ll encounter the likes of Nogappa and others, along with various events and happenings.



Dandan-zaka (above) is one of the oldest areas of Sakura Town. There’s a cemetery and an old-fashioned candy shop that is managed by a single old lady. It seems like this area will be filled with plenty of tougher youkai.


Central Sakura City (above) is the main area of commerce. This area is full of shopping centers, including a game center and restaurants. The “Shoubushi” youkai seemed to have possessed a classmate, causing him to spend all of his money on arcade games!




The shopping arcade district (above) isn’t as fancy as Central Sakura City, nor does it have many thriving businesses, but it is the home to many unique stores, such as the Mekkemon store that specializes in junk. Apparently, some youkai has been causing a child to be a hikikomori (shut-in).



Finally, above is a look a Soyokaze Hills. This area is considered to be the “rich” area of Sakura Town. It’s an upper-class residential area that features a museum and an outdoor stage where the people gather. The Maboroushi youkai can be found hiding under cars in this area.


Youkai Watch will be available for Nintendo 3DS in Japan today.


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