Level-5’s Otome Hero Gets Revamped This May With New Characters, Systems, And Dating Events



Level-5 wanted to take on the otome games genre with a smartphone RPG called Otome Hero that released in Winter 2017. After a rough start, it’s been in a prolonged maintenance limbo since October 2018, and while it was expected to launch again this month the company announced its delay to May 2019 in order to ensure its quality.



Once Otome Hero gets revamped this May, it’ll be renamed Tensei no Illuminacia: Otome Hero.

Here are some of the highlights we can expect to see:

Otome Heroes Revamp

A set of new characters known as the “Six Brave.”




A new system that involves raising Holy Beasts. These creatures play a major role on your Race Battle performance, and come in all kinds of forms.




Further story elements with a scenario linking to the next chapter.



New 3D models used for the Race Battle scenes.


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There will be new events with “dating” as a theme.



As a reward you’ll get costumes for the chibi characters used for races.


Other improvements and additional elements:

  • UI adjustment – UI being adjusted to make it easier to play
  • Massive addition to main story – More is being added to the story so you can learn more about the Slayers
  • Brand-new main theme in production
  • New main visuals in the works for all Slayers
  • Parameter adjustments


Otome Hero is available for iOS and Android in Japan. The game is expected to relaunch in May 2019.

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