Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on PSP has a major change in the way players develop characters. Classes earn experience points instead of individual units. For example, if you use an archer, wizard, and rune fencer in battle (just like the screenshot) those classes will earn experience. It appears that male and female classes have their own experience tally since Priest and Cleric are counted separately.


001[2] image


All warriors/ninjas/wizards/etc. in your party are the same level. When you add units they inherit the party’s collective class experience, so new hires are more useful right when they join.


Characters earn skill points. These can be used to assign four types of abilities:

Support – passive skills that boost your attack or the Archer’s ability to see an arrow’s trajectory. Passive skills also allow characters to equip weapons their class wouldn’t normally be able to handle.

Action – these skills, like the Archer’s Tremendous Shot, take TP (tactical points) to use.

Command – instead of a specific skill, these give you a group of commands like the Cleric’s Divine Magic, Wizard’s Dark Magic, and Ninja’s ninjitsu.

Special – these are reserved for monsters.


By using skill points you can enhance your team with abilities from other classes.


 005[2] 008[2]


Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together also introduces a male version of the Valkyrie class called a Rune Fencer and the Kunoichi, a female ninja.


Rune Fencer / Valkyrie

023[1] 024[1]

017[1] 018[2]



021[1] 022[2]

015[2] 016[2] 


Ninja / Kunoichi

026[1] 025[1]

019[1] 020[1]


006[2] 007[1] 009[2] 010[2] 011[1] 012[2] 013[2] 014[1]

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