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The Liar Princess and Blind Prince’s Story Told In A Cute Read Aloud Trailer



    The Liar Princess and Blind Prince has a cute story about a monster who transforms into a princess to help a blind prince, and Nippon Ichi shared a new “Read Aloud” that tells us more about how it unfolds.


    The story is a little love story that takes place in a faraway country. There existed a dark forest that surrounds a small kingdom. This forest was ruled by the witch and is full of fearsome creatures. While it may be a scary forest, it’s also home to a beautiful voice that sings every night. The owner of this voice was actually a monster that has the appearance of a wolf.


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    With pride in her voice, she sung her heart out to the moon every night, on top of a rock. A rather different audience of the wolf’s singing was a human prince who lived in the small kingdom surrounded by the forest. He always clapped and applauded for the wolf after she was done.


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    Since she was always on top of a rock, the prince has no idea what she looked like or even her name. While his curiosity continued to grow by day, he continued visiting to listen to her singing, and the wolf continued singing while looking forward to his applause.



    The wolf was concerned… “If he were to see my appearance of a monster,  it would frighten the human prince and he may no longer come listen to me sing…”


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    As time went on and the seasons passed, one night the prince went closer to the singing so that maybe he could become friends. However, a big accident took place when the wolf tried to prevent the prince from seeing her and inadvertently hurt his eyes.



    Several nights went by, and the prince could no longer see after being struck by the wolf. His parents were afraid of people seeing royalty in such condition, so they decided to lock him up in the castle tower.



    After hearing about the tragedy, the wolf decided to sneak into the castle to check up on the prince.



    “Prince…” said the wolf aloud.

    “That voice… are you the one who was singing in the forest?” replied the prince.


    The wolf was surprised he recognized her from her voice alone.



    “I don’t think it’s right that they locked you up, prince.”

    “But my face got messed up by a monster… and I can no longer see, so they told me that I can no longer be seen by the people. I don’t think I can go outside anymore”

    “Then let’s take you to get it fixed by the witch of the forest! But just wait a little longer, I promise I’ll be back.”


    The wolf left the tower and made her way to the forest. After traveling all night, the sun began to rise when she finally arrived to the witch’s place.



    “My, my, aren’t we a strange customer! Now what could possibly make a man-eating wolf go through the trouble of coming all the way here to the witch’s house?” asked the witch of the forest.


    “Make me into a human! There’s someone I want to bring here!” responded the wolf.

    “A man-eating wolf into a human, you say? Aren’t you a funny one. But why? Actually, never mind, I might have a rough idea so you don’t have to say,” said the witch. “Of course I can make your wish come true. In return… you know what to do, right? From you… hmm, yes. I will take your voice as compensation.”


    “My… voice? Understood. I will offer my voice.”

    “Then it’s settled, I shall change your appearance. Do you have any requests?”




    After picturing herself as someone who could hold the prince’s hands, the wolf said “Make me into a princess.”



    And just like that, the Liar Princess and Blind Prince’s journey begins, as they make their way to the witch’s house located deep in the monster-filled forest to heal the prince’s eyes.


    The Liar Princess and Blind Prince releases in Japan on May 31, 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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